School News September 2018

The First week!

The first week is in the books and it sure was a good one! The first week was full of new friends meeting, old friends greeting and the excitement of a great year to come.

In Preschool One, the exploration has been all about ferries and transportation! The kids shared their knowledge of ferries at morning meeting, “they float!” said Chevy. Talia observed that “they bonk horns” and Nolan added that “they go across the water!” It is always so amazing to see what knowledge the children bring to an exploration and how much they learn and gain as the investigation grows and new discoveries are made!

In Preschool Two, the focus has been on what makes each of us unique and all of the things that make! Vada is Vada because of “my bunny ears” and Opal’s unique way to create is to “act out” her favorite stories, while Liam “likes to draw.” Each of us bring our own uniqueness to our class and community and it’s been a fun week of learning what makes us different while noticing that we also have a lot in common!

Going Nut Free

Because we have students with tree nut and peanut allergies, ICS is going NUT FREE please be sure to read labels of foods sent in for lunch and snack!

Sign in Sheet Update

We are revamping our sign in sheets in the classrooms, we are adding a line to fill in everyday letting us know who will be picking up your child at the end of their day. It will eliminate any confusion on our end and will allows us to answer the questions for kids who like to know whose will be greeting them at pick up time!

Pick Up List

Is someone picking up that is not on your list? No problem, just send us an email in the morning (or stop into the office) and let us know their name and contact info!

Director’s Corner...

As we embark on a new year together, we
wanted to talk about something near and
dear to all of our hearts here at ICS...the
importance of play. Often in Early
Childhood, play can been seen as well just
that, play. It’s so much more than that! Play is
learning, play is social, play is an important
tool for working through difficult emotions,
play is really one of the greatest tools as
teacher’s we can give to our students. In the
article ‘5 Essentials to Meaningful play’
author Marcia Nell explains “when children
choose how to play for themselves, they
experience freedom in making those choices.
They also begin to see the connections between choice and the consequences or results of that choice.” Play is such a vital way for children to explore and try to better understand their world and what is happening around them. Play provides a rich experience for children and as educators, it is one of the best ways we can help the children in our care to learn and grow.

Want to learn more? Here is a good, quick article from the NAEYC about parents and play!

Thanks to all of you for such a wonderful start to the year! We are all looking forward to a year of exploration, discovery and fun at ICS!

With warmest regards, Quinn and Heather Co-Directors


News, Notes and Reminders...

Times moves so quickly, it’s crazy that we’re already a month
into our school year! We have some new families that have joined our community and wanted to send

out just a few quick reminders and share some thoughts.


We are currently a nut free school; (because of allergies) please make sure to check packages and be mindful when packing snacks and lunch.

We are a low sugar school; please send in food choices that are low in sugar and limit the amount of juice packed in lunchboxes.

We strive to be a non-commercial school; we ask that clothing, shoes and lunchboxes be character (movie and tv) free. We really encourage the children to use their imaginations to create their own games and play scenarios and have found that a “blank slate” approach helps to foster this idea.

Director’s Corner...

Making the decision to begin the school day outside is not an arbitrary choice on our parts (though we do love the playground!) Over the years, we have discovered that the morning on the playground is the time that the kids cherish as their time to reconnect with friends and to get their days started. It’s also the time where they can get their energy out before we come inside and ask them to begin our school day together. It is a time of social emotional growth as they transition from home time to school time, seeking out trusted teachers and friends to help them begin their day. It’s a time that’s very special and one that we like to honor at ICS. We’ve observed that when kids don’t get this time together on the playground to connect on their own, morning meetings can be harder, they use this time instead to try and check in with friends, share stories and information at a time when we are focusing on what we are going to explore for the day.

Creating a morning routine helps ease the transition to school and allows them to feel confident in their shift from home to school. Some parents push their kids on the swing for a few minutes, others feed the bunnies together as their goodbye routine. We suggest creating a routine that is short, comfortable and one that is easy to remember so you can do it daily. It should ideally last around 5-10 minutes. The reasoning behind that is, the shorter the goodbye, the easier the transition for your child. We urge you to arrive as close to 8:30 as possible to really honor your routine while still leaving plenty of time for your child to connect with friends and play independently before lining up to go inside. Transitions can be tricky but we’re always here to help!

If you are looking for help with easing transitions or any other parenting topic, we have a parent coach Laura Jordan Decker, who has worked with many ICS families before! Here’s a little info about her!

Dear Parents at Island Children's School,

I have heard from a few of you about the Parent Support Program at ICS, and now that we are somewhat settled into the new school year, I wanted to let you know that I'm still available for private coaching sessions at the school. Last year, as many of you know, I provided both group and private sessions on a regular basis after receiving a grant to start the program and make Parent Support accessible to you.

While I look into further grants, I'll be continuing with private sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Please reach out to me if you'd like to set something up!
In our sessions, we work through common parenting concerns that can become very challenging and stressful. You, as parents set your priorities and goals in each session as we come up with strategies that work best for your families.

If we haven't worked together before, and you would like to learn more about the process, please email me and we can set up an initial meeting : )

I look forward to continuing the Parent Support program at ICS!

My Best,

Also happening this month:

Fire Safety Day!

Wednesday October 10th at 10:00 we will have a visit from the West Tisbury Fire Department to learn about fire safety! We will even get to explore a firetruck!

Upcoming Trip to

the FARM Institute

We will be taking a school wide field trip to the FARM institute in Katama on Thursday October 11th and need parents to drive! Sign ups will be in each classroom, please sign up if you are able to help out!

As always if you have any questions or concerns our door is always open! Enjoy the long weekend.

-Quinn and Heather                                                                                                                                508.693.5815